So you want a Candy Buffet at your next event, but you’re not sure what to do…

Yeah, you can scrounge around the Internet for those beautiful apothecary jars, or run from pillar to post and store to store to find them; but who knew they were so pricey? And what are you going to do with all of them once your event is over?

Then there’s the candy. How do you know which kind tastes good, and where can you find the candy that matches your event’s color scheme? There are lots of web sites that sell the sweet treats, but are they dependable? Will your candy arrive on-time and unopened? Will the lollipops be as you expected based on the picture? Will there be enough to fill those jars you worked so hard to find?

Now you’ve got to think about the design elements. Do you want ribbons, bows, banners, flowers, cut-outs, framed pictures or signage, candy labels that coordinate with your color and theme? Wait, where will you get all of this stuff? You don’t want your candy buffet to just look like some sparsely filled jars on an undecorated table. You want it to have that wow factor, right?

This is turning out to be an ordeal! Now assuming that you’ve found the jars, the candy, and a few ribbons, what’s next? It’s the day of your event…Hopefully you’ve already washed and dried the jars so they are streak free and ready for use. Wait, how are you going to transport them to your event location? Are they wrapped securely so they won’t break during travel? Did you pack all of your candy and design stuff?

Remember, it will take about an hour or two to set up your candy buffet, with all the unpacking, filling of jars, securing ribbons and labels, etc. Are you going to have the time to get yourself ready, maybe the kids too, if you’re a mommy like me? Will you be able to oversee the remaining logistics of the rest of your event setup and still devote the time and energy to preparing your candy buffet? Oh wait, what about candy bags and scoops? Don’t forget those as well…

Phew…!! I’m sure you’re glad the event is over! Now it’s time to break down the candy buffet by emptying the remaining candy if there is any and wrapping up the jars so you can take them home to clean them. Where are you going to store all of them when you’re done?

Doesn’t this sound exhausting?? You can save yourself a lot of the time and headache by hiring a professional. The price usually isn’t much different than you would have spent doing the candy buffet on your own, plus you don’t have to worry about all the many tedious tasks of brining this wonderful treat for your guests to life. Let us do this for you.

Sugar City Treats can work within your budget, time frame, and color scheme to bring you a beautiful candy buffet or dessert station for your next event. This is what we do, and we’re good at it. Give us a call at (305) 322-6159 or email us your event details to We look forward to your business, and thanks for considering us.


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